About Us

Everly & Ash, a venture built on dreams! I will never forget the many hours I spent as a little girl arranging clothing on curtain rods and dressing Barbie’s as mannequins! As an adult, I have learned the importance of letting passion and purpose pave the future. What could be better than inspiring women in their style experience and helping them find fashion they love and feel confident in? I want to remind women that the essence of beauty is simple, be you because you are beautiful! My favorite fashion pieces offer versatility. There is nothing better than an item that will take you from daytime to evening or weekday to weekend effortlessly with just a change of shoes or accessories. You will find many of these throughout our collection.

Besides this exciting new venture, I am also the Office Manager for the Valley Twisters. It is such a privilege to be part of an organization that brings so much value to our youth and small rural community. In my spare time, I enjoy fitness and family adventures. I have two daughters and one son, being a Mom of both is one of life’s greatest blessings! Working on this venture with my family has been the best part. We are so excited for this opportunity to shop with you and connect and create friendships! We are starting this endeavor with an online presence via Facebook, our Website and Instagram. We will continue to do pop ups and offer personal style/try on sessions by appointment. We also offer FREE local pick up when you shop with us online! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every purchase, like, follow and share. Each action you take supports the dream we are chasing!